Thursday, 12 January 2017

Closing arguments delivered in Linda's riot trial

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Closing arguments delivered in Linda's riot trial
Closing arguments were delivered for the last man standing in the Linda’s riot case, Liberty Concepcion, who stands by his claim of self-defense.

Guam - What started off as a trial for four men charged with rioting and assault for a fight that broke out at Linda's Coffee Shop in October, ended up with one man sitting in the defense chair after Enricky Duenas, Christian Medina, and Jovin Santos entered into plea deals with the Attorney General's Office mid-trial. This afternoon, closing arguments were made in the trial of the last man standing, Liberty Concepcion, who claimed he was only acting in self-defense or the defense of others.

Surveillance footage from Linda's was used by both parties in their arguments. Prosecutor Tom Neuman focused on the charge of assault against two men, Norman and Lloyd Romolor, saying that, while Concepcion's report of Jaycee White instigating the fight was substantiated by the video, Concepcion victimized other people as well.

However, defense attorney David Lujan said that the video shows that it was another person who started the fight with those victims. In response to Neuman’s comment about it being human nature to flee or fight, Lujan said Concepcion did both, and that it was his belief that he was coming to the aid of his friend, Enricky Duenas.

Now that all the evidence has been presented and all testimonies have been heard, it will be up to the jury to decide whether or not Concepcion did in fact act to defend himself or others.

The case is tied to another manslaughter case in the death of Brian Cruz. Although now believed to be a separate incident, White, who allegedly instigated the Linda's riot, is also charged in Cruz's death. White, his co-defendants Richard Ragadio and Alfredo Castro were implicated in the death of Cruz after White was seen on surveillance footage prior to the Linda's riot knocking Cruz unconscious in Tumon. Ragadio and Santos, according to police, helped White place Cruz into the backseat of a car, then drove to Linda's Coffee Shop where the riot with Concepcion and the other men eventually broke out.

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