A superior court judge has moved Stephen Cahill's motion hearing to May.
Residents are advised to create a communication plan and an emergency preparedness kit.
"I only provided legal assistance as a private citizen. My specific role was to help this team of companies led by GPSM to negotiate a potential contract," said Senator Jim Espaldon. 
Walter Denton met with Cardinal Raymond Burke and two others to provide his testimony.
Latest victim names former Santa Barbara parish priest, Father Juan Camacho.
Agana Shopping Center and Micronesia Mall center courts will be accepting tax returns without payments tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Governor Eddie Calvo’s Second Chance Initiative has already led to him pardoning two men.
The republic of Singapore Air Force, in the midst of its first deployment of F-16s to Guam, will be training in the Northern Marianas next week.
The three day event is designed to give FBI special agent bomb technicians hands-on understanding of the hazards posed by improvised explosives.
The Office of Public Accountability is commending the Guam Power Authority for achieving low-risk auditee status, however, the OPA notes that GPA closed FY16 with a net loss of $7 million.