"Core Tech has no choice but to appeal DPW’s decision. DPW’s actions have caused further delays and would cost the people of Guam tens of millions of dollars for services the Legislature did not authorize." 
"From listening to many of you I realize that a number of factors have contributed toward the divisions," Byrnes said in his pastoral letter.
"$60,000 was the max for the fiscal year and with everything that's been going on with the financial conditions that we're facing with the department, we want to make sure that anything that the board is dealing with that we ensure funding for it," Mark Mendiola explained. 
William Payne says he was a student at Father Duenas Memorial School and only 15 years old when it happened.
Congresswoman Bordallo issued a statement responding to Gov. Calvo's criticism. You can read that below. 
The Guam Association of Realtors will visit Washington D.C. in May to meet with legislators on the H-2B crisis.

Application for driver's license & Guam ID changes

Thursday, 16 March 2017 Written by
Published in Guam News
The new identification process is called "Real ID" and effective May 2, the Department of Revenue and Taxation says applying for a Guam ID or driver's license might look a little different. 
An August trial date is still tentative for the people accused of healthcare fraud, pending the submission of over 260,000 pages of discovery.
Arnold "Dave" Davis' attorney, J. Christian Adams, is seeking an extension of the deadline to submit a bill of costs for the lawsuit.
Timothy Shiroma was just 9 years old when he says the former priest sexually assaulted him.