Bill 50 lapses into law; casinos banned

Thursday, 08 June 2017 Written by
Published in Guam News
As of midnight, the bill that bans casino gambling at carnivals and fairs has lapsed into law.
Bill 93 is aimed at providing relief for victims of violent crimes who attend parole hearings every year.
Senator San Nicolas says hearings must be separately to avoid confusion but will accomodate request to hold hearings after working hours.  
After the heat mayors received for taking trips to the Philippines for strawberry and mango festivals, one mayor says it's more than just "junkets."
"Actual revenues in comparison to the FY 2016 budget were $26.9M less than the $702.0M projected." - OPA Audit Highlights
The measure was overridden with a vote of 13-2 . Now as a public law it requires that the construction of Simon Sanchez High School be done through a 30 year lease-back and that it be awarded to the offeror with the lowest lease-back rate.   

Liberation festivities are on

Wednesday, 07 June 2017 Written by
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The mayors met this morning to discuss plans for liberation festivities.
The latest CRER shows that GovGuam is short 23 million dollars in collections. 
51-year-old DPW employee Francis James Hemsing Dungca was arrested for illegal possession of a Schedule II controlled substance, illegal possession with the intent to deliver and official misconduct.