The two public servants took turns trading barbs over the past few days, but the latest source of contention occurred last night when Senator San Nicolas responded once more to the governor's bill.
The combustion turbines will also be used while the Cabras power plant will undergo maintenance in July this year.
Island Eye Center has just brought in brand-new equipment to offer the most advanced visual corrective procedures.

Gov selects new Homeland Security Advisor

Tuesday, 11 April 2017 Written by
Published in Guam News
Governor Calvo has now tasked George Charfauros Jr. to take the helm of the Office of Civil Defense as the new Homeland Security Advisor.
Jordan has been searching for a Danish man named Erik Hanson, whom she believes is her long-lost father.
The Governor’s bill seeks to authorize GovGuam to issue a Tax and Revenue Anticipation Note or TRAN for what essentially is a yearly $75 million line of credit.
The $84 million contract involved the extension of Kilo Wharf inside Naval base.

Ehlert trial moved to July

Monday, 10 April 2017 Written by
Published in Guam News
After the defense filed a motion to dismiss Ehlert's indictments, his trial was moved from April to July.

Man says "love potion" made him rape a minor

Monday, 10 April 2017 Written by
Published in Guam News
A 32-year-old man tried to blame “Chuukese love potion” for why he habitually raped a girl since she was 7 years old, according to authorities.
With the support of four other lawmakers, Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr. drafted Bill 70 which if passed into law, would not only re-build Simon Sanchez High School, but turn it into a charter school.