Donna De Jesus

Thursday, 22 June 2017 18:05

Cop fired for drug involvement

Police officer Manuel Perez has been fired after the Guam Police Department completed its administrative investigation into his arrest. 
An order has been granted in Federal Court today to unseal a meth distribution case, making 33-year-old Glenn Santos Felix set for sentencing.
Teams involved in Diving Exercise 2017 made the areas safer for boaters and marine life by removing submerged debris.
Mark Torre Jr. was facing a maximum of 28 years in jail, but a superior court judge handed down an 8-year prison sentence. 
Police have arrested a man for family violence after he left the island and then came back to do it again.
Mayors would not be required to charge a fee, but the fee schedule keeps amounts uniform should a fee need to be imposed for utilities, damages, and the like.
While the victim initially said he was stabbed on Ysengsong Road in Dededo, he later told police it happened in Chalan Pago.
Since last week, Federal court handed down five sentences, mostly to drug pushers.
A groundbreaking ceremony last Wednesday morning marked a property in Afame, Sinajana as the future home of a state-of-the-art precinct.
Should Victoria Siaotong and Shawn Travis Cruz fulfill the conditions of a deferred plea agreement, the charge of negligent homicide would be cleared from their record.