Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Guam Icon John Santos aka 'The Carabao Man' Passes Away

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John's brother Danny Santos shares with us his story 
Do you know the carabao man? 
The man who would walk his carabao and his hat-wearing, sunglasses-wearing dogs on the side of the road...and possibly every event on island? 
That man is John Santos. John, who became a Guam icon over the years has passed away, but he leaves behind a ton of memories and touched the lives of many. 
His oldest brother Danny Santos tells us that John was the fourth boy of 11 children. He says, that before John was known as the 'carabao man', he was first known as 'Rambo'. He says, "He became known as Rambo. He was jogging all over the island. People would know him because he would be jogging and waving at people."
Danny says John was a mechanic back in the day and after retiring in California, he decided to move back to Guam to become a farmer, just like his grandpa. 
He describes, "Growing up in the village of Asan, he remembered vividly what my grandfather did as a farmer. He took that message and conveyed make children experience riding a carabao, human experience with the carabao. He purchased this carabao which he named Lucy. He trained his dogs to ride on top of the carabao and he became known throughout the island as 'Carabao man'."
Danny says John was a compassionate and loving gentleman, who wanted to spread Guam's culture to everyone. He hopes that someone will step up to the plate to continue John's legacy. 
"Perhaps someone will volunteer to do the same thing my brother did to welcome the tourists and welcome anybody that comes to the island...what it's like to ride a carabao," he says. 

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  • Comment Link Comment by : Beatrice Garrido (Thursday, 16 October 2014 14:20)

    God bless this man for the happiness he brought to many as they watched his dogs riding on the back of that carabao. He will be missed.

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