Monday, 19 June 2017

Alleged Dededo stabbing actually occurred in Chalan Pago

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While the victim initially said he was stabbed on Ysengsong Road in Dededo, he later told police it happened in Chalan Pago.

Guam - What was initially reported to be a stabbing in Ysengsong Road in Dededo by two men over the weekend turned out to be a stabbing in Chalan Pago by a lone assailant.

It happened late Friday evening. Police responded to a reported stabbing victim at the Guam Regional Medical City. A release from GPD Spokesperson Capt. Kim Santos says the victim initially told nursing staff that he was stabbed in the chest by two men as he was walking on Ysengsong Road in Dededo. On that tip, officers started a search for the two alleged suspects but were not able to locate anyone.

Later, the victim told police that the incident took place in Chalan Pago. Court documents state that the victim drove to a Chalan Pago residence in an attempt to convince his girlfriend to leave, as he suspected she was exchanging sex for drugs. A man walked outside, telling the victim to leave before stabbing him in the chest. Capt. Santos states that the victim was able to identify his assailant – 52-year-old Kenneth Michael Reyes – which started an investigation led by the Mandaña Drug Task Force, Criminal Investigation Division Detectives, SWAT, and K9 personnel. With a search warrant executed on Reyes’s Chalan Pago home on Saturday, police were able to make an arrest.


Reyes was confirmed by police to be the lone assailant in the altercation. The victim sustained injuries to his left lung, and is currently in good condition, according to GRMC.

This isn’t the first time Reyes has had a run-in with the law. Last year, he was arrested for the possession of ice. Court documents state that in July of 2016, police officers pulled Reyes over when they saw him speeding and driving a vehicle with expired license plates. Reyes appeared nervous, which prompted a search of his person and his vehicle. Officers found two syringes in his pocket, and small plastic bags, all testing positive for methamphetamine. He was released on a $10,000 personal recognizance bond a month later, and was required to report to the Probation Office three times a week while under house arrest.

Reyes was set to do a change of plea for the possession charge this week, and was on pre-trial release when he allegedly stabbed a man over the weekend. For that incident, he stands accused of a number of felonies, including attempted murder and aggravated assault. Reyes was also charged with assault, reckless conduct, and use of a deadly weapon while in commission of a felony.

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