Friday, 16 June 2017

Gov. presents $1.5M check for Sanchez High School & other campuses

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About $1.1 million of those funds will go directly towards critical repairs at the Yigo campus. 

Guam - At long last, Simon Sanchez High School can finally start those immediate repairs.  

This morning, Governor Calvo presented a check of $1.5 million to Simon Sanchez High School administrators and the Guam Education Board.

About $1.1 million of those funds will go directly towards critical repairs at the dilapidated high school.

“We’re looking at renovating fixing up some of our temporary buildings that have always incurred public health citations,” explained Simon Sanchez Assistant Principal Carla Masnayon, adding “whether its roof leaks, the walls, and even the flooring --we’re also looking at refurbishing some of the classrooms that are small in size so that we can accommodate more students, “she said.

Although it’s too early to be sure, Simon Sanchez administrators tell PNC that they’re confident that the repairs can be completed before this upcoming academic year begins. If not, the campus could face double session.  

“Our school is really working hard at trying not to go into double session, because we do understand what it entails. We are a campus of 1,800 students. So, that means trying to identify which students are going into the morning session and the afternoon session if we have to do a double session,” Masnayon explained.  

The governor said time was of the essence as the school has until the end of the summer to complete the repairs.

Adelup chided the legislature for not delivering a timely appropriation to the education department, saying in a release, “Senators cannot sit back and forget about their promise to help Simon Sanchez High School students, teachers, and staff.”

“We see the condition of the school,” remarked Governor Eddie Calvo today during the check presentation. “And we see what you’ve had to deal with on a daily basis. And we’re gonna do everything we can to push forward for the renovation and construction of the Simon Sanchez facilities,” he continued.

For nearly two weeks, the legislature debated bills to address critical repairs needed for the Yigo campus.  

However, each piece of legislation was ultimately deferred back to committee.


Meanwhile, Education Board Chairman Peter Alecxis Ada wrote to Speaker Cruz asking for the legislature to support measures that could identify additional funding. 

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