Wednesday, 19 April 2017

52 victims of child sex abuse; federal judge wants identities revealed

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There are 52 victims who have filed sex abuse lawsuits against the church.

Guam - The latest victim, using the initials M.S., claims he was sexually assaulted by former priest and Boy Scout Master, Father Louis Brouillard, in the early 1970s.

M.S., through his attorney Kevin Fowler, states in his complaint that Brouillard started abusing him when he was 14 years old. M.S. was a member of Boy Scout Troop 24 of San Isidro Parish in Malojloj, where Brouillard was assigned. He claims Brouillard would sexually abuse him on Boy Scout camping trips. M.S. also claims that the Archdiocese knew about Brouillard’s actions but did nothing to protect the boys.

Meanwhile, a Federal Magistrate Judge Joaquin Manibusan has ordered those who filed complaints at the district court using only initials to reveal their identities, which will be filed under seal. The order states that it is necessary for the court to know the names of the plaintiffs to determine if it would be necessary to disqualify itself from the proceeding. All the victims who filed with the district court are represented by Attorney David Lujan, who told PNC he will comply with the judge’s order to submit the names under seal by next week.

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