Monday, 20 March 2017

Family of murder victim asks for $103,000 in restitution

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The family of murder victim Nancy Mafnas is asking for over $103,000 in restitution to cover funeral expenses as well as utility and mortgage payments. 

Guam - Keith Jermaine Garrido was convicted of Nancy Mafnas's murder after a home invasion in November of 2012. The prosecution called it "a burglary gone wrong" when Mafnas came home in the middle of it. Garrido then bludgeoned the 63-year-old to death with a metal pipe, and fled the scene in Mafnas's vehicle.

Of the $103,000 her family is asking Garrido to pay, aside from funeral costs, a large portion of the total is for mortgage and utility payments, and also includes airfare and lodging, credit card bills, and home repairs.

While Garrido was awaiting trial in the Mafnas murder, he escaped while being transported to court for a hearing, then broke into a woman's home and severely beat her. For that case, the victim has asked for $2,300 in restitution for the items he stole.

Garrido is currently serving a life sentence and is eligible for parole after 25 years.

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