Thursday, 12 January 2017

Residents share views on recreational marijuana

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Some residents agreed that medical marijuana is necessary but are worried that legalizing cannabis could affect Guam's young people. 

Guam - Just a month removed from the passage of the  rules and regulations for Guam’s medical cannabis program, the legislature will soon have to mull the full legalization of cannabis. So how does the community feel? We spoke to some Guam residents to find out.

While medical cannabis on Guam was overwhelmingly approved by voters, how would they feel about full legalization?

One resident said, "Recreational marijuana, I think could help people also especially people who suffer from anxiety. I think it’s something that should be taxed, controlled and available in a safe way, rather than through backstreets and available to minors. It should be controlled so that there is an age limit and taxes.”

Another resident in support of the legalization, says cannabis is natural and therefore should be legal. He says that regulating cannabis would be like the way we currently regulate alcohol.

But some residents were against it. One of the most common reasons is how would it affect the youth. 

One area resident said, "using it for medical marijuana would be a good thing which I’m not against. But I think if he legalizes it for public use there's going to be problems with the youth today. They might think in their minds it might be ok because there are a lot of children today abstaining from using drug and marijuana is a drug.”

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