Two former police officers are looking to serve less time in prison for the Blue House prostitution ring the were convicted of back in September of 2013.
One of the men involved in a major drug case involving over $2 million dollars’ worth of ice has been sentenced in federal court.
Federal Receiver Gershman Brickner and Bratton says Morrico Equipment is a non-party in the case and has no right to appeal adverse judgement.
“It is Women's History Month and we always want to showcase the ones who paved the way for us to come through. So, just by having this symposium and having these key leaders to come and speak shows how far we’ve come as a nation and as an org," shares Senior Chief of USS Frank Cable, Latoya Blaine.  
Senator Dennis Rodriguez, Jr., the Chairman of the Committee on Health spoke to the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association yesterday on his upcoming health care plan "Para Todu.”

Fresh Waves cleans up Tumon Bay on Sunday

Friday, 24 March 2017 Written by
Published in Guam News
The stations of the Sorensen Media Group will be taking part in an effort to beautify the island. Everyone is invited to take part in Fresh Waves this Sunday.
Only bingo or cockfighting would be permitted at the carnival, according to Sen. Telena Nelson's Bill 50.
The search for the missing 18 year old JP Torres student, named Deondra Borja continues.  
Hamlin was accused of stabbing another man during a bar fight.
One student was sent to GRMC while the other was sent to GMH.