Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Kids From Guam Reading Tour" Kicks Off

Hagatna, Guam - Local author, and Power 98 DJ, Kyle Mandapat has announced the kick off of his island-wide elementary school reading tour.

GFD: Search Underway for Missing Woman and Child Near Tarzan Falls

Guam - The Guam Fire Department, Guam Polce and the navy's HSC-25 helicopter are still searching for a missing woman and child lost in the jungle ar...

VIDEO: Minimum Wage Debate Has Begun, in Earnest

Guam - The debate has begun over whether or not to raise the minimum wage on Guam.


VIDEO: Arguments Made in Tax Refund Trust Account Case

Guam - In Supreme Court today, the Legislature and Governor’s office argued over how tax refunds monies should be managed.

VIDEO: San Nicolas Says the Funds Are There for a $292K Appropriation to Sanctuary

Guam - Governor Eddie Calvo is concerned about appropriation bills that were passed that don't have fiscal notes attached to them and he threatened to veto any bills passed without fiscal notes that identify funding sources.

VIDEO: Governor- Latest Batch of Tax Refunds Further Proof Court Judgement on Trust Account Unnecessary

Guam - Governor Eddie Calvo points to the latest batch,  6,700 tax refund checks, totaling $20 million dollars will be mailed out Thursday. He called that proof that his Administration is paying out refunds, and he said a declaratory judgement from the courts is unnecessary.