Guam Utilities Still Holding Up Despite Tropical Storm Halong's Advance

Guam - Guam has experiences numerous intermittent power outages and one instance of water outage this morning. Santa, Rita, Shalan Damha, Ordot,Yigo Malojloj and Barrigada have all experienced outages with Guam Power Authority (GPA) crews rushing to fix them. The area surrounding Guam Memorial Hospital was also struck by power outages, although the hospital itself was not affected. 

20 homes in the Santa Ana subdivision of Yigo have been hit by water outages caused by lost power and will be serviced at 2 PM today. Heidi Ballendorf, Communication Manager at Guam Waterworks (GWA), says that, "Although Guam Waterworks have seen heavy flooding, sewer lines have been holding steady and manhole covers are all in place." Ballendorf added that the power holding up has allowed the 100 wells to continue operation. She says that if power is off for any amount of time, generator power will be can be used instead.

GPA and GWA crews are currently cruising Guam and can be reached at their hotline in case of an outage. 


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