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Speaker's Weekly Address: Highlights of the May Session

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Guam -In her Weekly Address, Speaker Judi Won Pat highlights the accomplishments of her fellow Senators during the just completed May Session of the Guam Legislature.


READ the Speakers' Weekly Address below or click on the link to HEAR it.

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Speaker’s Address - May 10, 2011

Hafa Adai yan Minagof na Oggan taotao Guam: As we conclude another Legislative session, it is my pleasure to update you, the People of Guam, on the progress of the Guam Legislature this past week.

I Liheslaturan Guahan reviewed approximately 40 bills covering a variety of topics ranging from improving our island’s infrastructure to the safety of our children at school, in day care, or on our roads.

• Senator Mana Silva Taijeron introduced a bill to expedite the repair of the southern bridges, so that our people can travel safely to and from work and home.

• Senators Dennis Rodriguez Jr. and Dr. Aline Yamashita introduced a bill to improve a 32 year-old set of rules and regulations governing day care for our children.

• Senator Adolpho Palacios introduced an act to ensure that our children are kept safe when entering or exiting their school buses.

• Senator Frank Blas Jr. authored legislation to establish policy for the approval of worker housing as we prepare for the incoming workforce with the Military Buildup.

• Bill 68 by Senator Tina Muna Barnes authored to bring resolution to a 50 year-old property rezoning dispute.

• Senators Tony Ada, Rory Respicio authored a bill that limits access for registered sex offenders to social websites like Facebook and other chat sites frequented by minors.

• As for myself, I introduced legislation that updates the rules and regulations for teacher certification and sets standards for Chamorro language and culture educators.

• Senator Chris Duenas sponsored a bill to further prevent invasive species from impacting our eco-system.

• Senator Ben Pangelinan authored Bill 140 requiring the Government of  Guam to prioritize tax refund payments on a monthly basis. The
Governor has stated that the paying refunds is a goal of his administration- and with Senator Pangelinan’s bill, your tax payments would be top priority. The fact is that our people need their tax refunds. The Governor knows it, we know it, and Senator Pangelinan crafted legislation to make sure it happens.

The Guam Legislature has and shall continue to work diligently on identifying solutions to get your tax refunds without adding significantly to our debt and further burdening future generations, and we will continue to discuss bill 140 in the next  legislative session.