Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dr. Friedman Counters Accusations of Racism With Letter from His Own Filipino Employees

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Guam - Dr. Sam Friedman has forwarded to the media a letter from 5 of his Filipino employees at the Cancer Center of Guam who have written to Health Committee Chair Senator Dennis Rodriguez countering GMH Nursing Supervisor Cely Mangrobang's accusation that Dr. Friedman is racist.

The letter accuses the Nursing Supervisor of being racist against Dr. Friedman.

It is reprinted below:

March 7.2011

Dear Senator;

We the undersigned, five employees of Filipino extraction at Cancer Center of Guam, have seen the allegations of racism concerning Dr. Friedman in the Saturday, March 5 edition of the PDN and wish to comment-

We have been employed at CCOG for varying lengths of time measured in years. ln addition to five Filipino employees, there
are six Chamorros, one Filipino/Chamorro, two Koreans, one Chinese and one Haoli currently employed at CCOG.

We used to have a Japanese and an African American employee who have since left Guam. Two of our employees have same sex partners. All employees are of varying religions. In brief, we never consider racial origin other than as encouraging and welcoming any addition to the
incredible cross section of the Guam population and culture.

The Clinic policy is to treat all patients without regard to means of payment or ethnic  background. In fact, ethnic background
is not readily known in many and never asked.

Another Clinic policy is to never charge for any service to members of the clergy of ANY denomination. Dr. Friedman has also volunteered
on occasion to go to the Philippines on medical missions at his expense.

We therefore agree with allegations of racism in the PDN article, but believe the racism is that from Cely Mangrobang against Dr. Friedman.

These comments are made of our free will and not pressured in any way. Please feel free to contact any of us if you require further information.

Beryl Parel-Ninete
Jennie Marian
Cristina Bundoc
Billy Beleno
Mark Panlilio