Tuesday, July 22, 2014

VIDEO: Calvo/Tenorio Campaign Kicks Off

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Guam - Although the Democratic party has yet to announce a candidate the gubernatorial campaign season has officially started. The Calvo/Tenorio team held a kickoff motorcade and pocket meeting in Malojloj, Inarajan on Sunday.

Calvo/Tenorio campaign spokesman Phil Leon Guerrero says that there was a great turnout with about 1,500 vehicles from around the island that took part in the motorcade down to the pocket meeting in Malojloj.

Leon Guerrero says that there was strong support from the Republicans who supported the Calvo/Tenorio team the first time around but he says what was even more impressive was that they've received support from a lot of Democrats who did not support the Governor and Lt. Governor in the last election. "In fact our host in Malojloj the Garrido family did not support the Governor and Lt. Governor in the last election. So It really goes

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to show you that the hard work and the efforts of the Governor and Lt. Governor put in to pay tax refunds to provide home ownership to give an education to all of our children is really resonating with all of the people of Guam because not only is our support base stronger than ever but we're also seeing support coming from a lot of people that we didn't have this last election including Democrats,” said Leon Guerrero. Leon Guerrero says that former Inarajan Mayor and long time Democrat Jesse Perez also came out sunday night in support of the Calvo/Tenorio team. 

READ the 2 news releases from the Calvo-Tenorio campaign below:

1. “Governor Calvo & Lt. Governor Tenorio set out to help the people of Guam and that’s what they did. They helped the people through their dream, the Guamanian Dream. And they delivered it perfectly.” – Luis Paulino, Chairman of the Inarajan Republican Party

Eddie Baza Calvo & Ray Tenorio took the stage minutes ago at their first 2014 campaign village meeting. The event happened in Inarajan, at the Malojloj residence of Connie & JR Garrido. This is what the team had to say:

* Thank you to the people of Inarajan for their hospitality and vote
* Thank you to the Guamanian people for helping us to meet our 2010 promises to Guam
* While we’ve accomplished a lot, we’ve got a lot more left to do
* We need to continue doing this together. We’re not representing the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. We’re here for the Guamanian party, because we serve all

Excerpts from Ray Tenorio’s speech tonight:
It’s because of you and the hardworking men and women of GovGuam that Eddie and I were able to keep our promises. We said we would pay the tax refunds, the merit bonuses, the increments, and all those other obligations, and we did. And that’s because it was the right thing to do. And you know what else is right? Paying out the Hay Study this year. That’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to stay on this path we’re on, improving education and learning standards, your safety, and the healthcare you get.

We care about all Guamanians.  And Eddie and I will do right by you.  We keep our promises. And that’s because we’re not here just representing the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. We’re here for the Guamanian Party, because we serve all Guamanians, no matter who you are.

The last three years of this administration has been all about you.  I stand behind the man who has the conviction to lead this island.  I’m proud of the man who is our Governor, and I ask you for your VOTE for him and for me.

Excerpts from Eddie Baza Calvo’s speech tonight:
This year will be better than the last.

If you take a look at the crowd we have right now: it’s Republican, Democrat, and independent.  What you see here today, it’s not about party politics.  There’s a change.  And that change is all about you—our people.  We’re not concerned about political points.  We’re not here to say the other guy is bad.  We’re here to help the greatest people in the world: taotao Chamoru, taotao Guam.  We are all one island!

We believe in this island. Our people will be the best they can be, as long as there is a government that stands behind them.  It can be tax refunds, or law enforcement raises, or a merit bonus for a nurse, or a home for a young family.

There is nobody... there is no place that can beat our people... all we have to do is trust and believe in them.

This is only the beginning, and by the way, I’m just getting myself warmed up because this is just the start of a very long campaign season. But it starts right here this evening. It was once four years ago, A New Direction. Tonight, it is The Right Direction. And now, from Ray and from me, Eddie, your humble public servants, IT IS NOW THE START OF THE RACE! God bless the people of Inarajan. God bless the south. God bless the north. And God bless the people of Guam!

2. Thousands Attend Calvo Tenorio’s First Village Meeting
Republicans, Democrats excited to stay on the Right Direction

“This election is about so much more than choosing leaders.  It’s about believing in the work we’ve done together and knowing that we’re going in the right direction.” - Governor Eddie Baza Calvo

A motorcade more than 1,500-cars-long, and thousands of excited Guamanians, joined the people of Inarajan in support of Governor Eddie Calvo and Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio today.

Hundreds of Malojloj and Inarajan residents, village organization leaders and village mayors welcomed the governor and lt. governor at the home of Connie and JR Garrido.

From the Mayor of Inarajan!
Inarajan Mayor Doris Lujan said, “They have big hearts, new ideas and a strong determination to do what’s right.  They know what issues we face here in the south.”

Mayor Lujan thanked the governor and the lt. governor for standing by their promise to restore Inarajan’s Community Center adding that, “Governor Calvo’s My Village Program is one of the best things that ever happened at the village level.  They provided government services right to our door.”

“Leaders are supposed to serve all people.  The Guamanian Dream is for everyone.  Biba Inalahan-Malojloj.  Biba Calvo Tenorio!”
-  Inarajan Mayor Doris Lujan.

Former Mayor Jesse Perez and long-time democrat also spoke to the crowd saying:
“As you all know my party affiliation… I come to you, the people of Inalahan and Malojloj, to join me in the campaign of the re-election of Governor Calvo and Lt. Governor Tenorio.”

Mayor Perez said, “They’ve demonstrated their leadership.  Times are tough, but they’ve never been one to sit back and let the people suffer.  It was through their leadership that you’re grateful that you have money back in your pocket when you need it most.  Change has come.”

“Let us move forward in the right direction.  Let us forgive each other.  Let us respect each other.  I’m endorsing Governor Eddie Baza Calvo.”

“I ask Democrats for their vote of confidence in the Governor and Lt. Govenor, who have moved us in the right direction.  This election is not about party.  It’s about moving in the right direction.  Let’s consider all the people who have been helped under this administration.  The Governor and Lt. Governor have helped everyone—regardless of their party affiliation.”

The government of Guam has seen significant change under the leadership of the Calvo Tenorio administration.