Thursday, July 31, 2014

VIDEO: Senator Aguon Calls on Governor to Identify $1.1M to Pay Judiciary's Merit Bonuses

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Guam - Senator Frank Aguon Jr. is urging Governor Eddie Calvo to identify the $1.1 million dollars needed for the Judiciary of Guam to pay out it's employees' merit bonuses.

While the governor announced last week that he would be paying out merit bonuses to GovGuam employees his declaration did not include the Judiciary and the Judiciary responded by writing a letter to Senator Frank Aguon Jr. who chairs the committee on the judiciary.

Senator Frank Aguon Jr. says that the letter should have also been sent to the Governor's office as well. The senator says he is willing to introduce legislation that would fund these merit bonuses but he would like some guidance from the administration. 

READ the letter from Senator Aguon to Governor Calvo HERE

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"Apparently he's suggesting or the front office is hinting that in fact we may have to work directly with the judiciary, but if that's the case they manage the funds they manage the resources but in this case we're gonna need their assistance so we can identify the funding source and then we can provide the appropriate legislation,” said Senator Aguon.

The Governor's Director of Communications Troy Torres told PNC today that it would be up to the legislature to work directly with the Judiciary to find the funds to pay out their merit bonuses.

Carbullido wrote to Aguon Friday urging him and other Senators to allocate the funds needed to pay merit bonuses to Judiciary employees. The Chief Justice was responding to Governor Calvo's  announcement last week that $5-million in merit bonuses would be paid out to GovGuam employees at Executive Branch line agencies and Guam DOE, but not to Judiciary employees.

READ the letter from Chief Justice Carbullido to Senator Aguon HERE

READ the release from Senator Aguon below:


Hagåtña, GU — Senator Frank B. Aguon Jr. sent a letter to Gov. Eddie Calvo today, urging for his assistance and intervention in identifying funds necessary to address the merit bonus payments owed to Judiciary of Guam employees since 2009.

Sen. Aguon, who is oversight chairman for the Judiciary, commended the Calvo Administration’s re-instatement of public employee increments and the payment of outstanding merit bonuses for government of Guam entities, but also sought the governor’s attention to a matter requiring the payment of merit bonuses in the amount of $1,125,256 requested by the Judiciary for its employees who have performed exemplary within the four-year statute of limitations.

Subsequent to Gov. Calvo’s recent Executive Order providing the payment of merit bonuses, Sen. Aguon received a letter from Chief Justice F. Philip Carbullido last Friday, urging the senator and his colleagues to appropriate the requested amount and to “ensure that all government of Guam employees are treated equally.”

Earlier this year, Sen. Aguon wrote to the governor on the same issue concerning the payment of meritorious checks owed to Judiciary personnel, pursuant to Title 4 GCA§6203 on merit bonuses, which applies to all government of Guam employees, regardless of branch or agency.

“In light of your recent decision I would like to once again implore your assistance in a matter that requires the payment of merit bonus compensation to outstanding employees of the government,” wrote Sen. Aguon in his letter to Gov. Calvo today. “I urge your direct intervention and attention to this matter and encourage you to instruct your financial team to identify the funds necessary to address the merit bonus payments for the Judiciary’s personnel.”

He added, “Should legislation be necessary to authorize the specific remittance of the funds to the Judiciary of Guam for merit bonuses, I would like to request your assistance in identifying a funding source that will ensure that this obligation is finally paid. I stand ready to assist in introducing legislation.”

Today’s letter to Governor Calvo and previous letters are attached for your reference.