Thursday, July 31, 2014

VIDEO: Sex Trafficking Forum - "Its Happening" Here on Guam

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Guam - "It's happening." That was the theme of a forum on human trafficking held at the University of Guam Friday afternoon.

Not only is it happening, the forum also reminded us that sex trafficking is happening in the United States and on Guam.

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During his opening remarks Lt Governor Ray Tenorio referenced the Blue House Case and recent events in Cleveland, Ohio where three woman were found after being kidnapped and held captive for ten years.

“It is not unheard of, even in this advanced age of knowledge and wisdom that we embark across universities and colleges across our fantastic nation, to see these kind of really medieval kind mentalities still existing today” the Lt Governor said calling for the community to assist law enforcement in the fight against human trafficking.

“It really comes down to individuals in the this room and throughout this island and our country to be diligent as citizens and look at situations call them call your public safety officials,” Tenorio urged his audience. “Call to question about whats going on over there why is that individual never leaving the house why do these situations happen and why do these circumstances appear to be suspicious... everyone must be involved in stopping human trafficking and violence against women.”

U.S. Attorney for Guam and the CNMI Alicia Limtiaco also called for the public's help in putting a stop to human trafficking in her keynote address which focused on efforts to fight trafficking in Guam and the pacific region.

“There are many times really all over the country where people do not realize the necessity of having other than law enforcement involved in this in addressing these issues ,” Limtiaco said while discussing the Guam Human Trafficking Task Force.

Limtiaco says regulatory agencies such as the Department of Public Health have had an essential an essential role in the fight against human trafficking on Guam. by making sure that businesses such as those claiming to be massage parlors are legitimate and safe.

“In some cases these businesses did not correct their deficiencies voluntarily. In some cases they did not go back to reopen,” Limtiaco said of the civil regulatory enforcement approach to combat trafficking. “In some cases individuals were administratively arrested.”

The forum was hosted by professor Ron Aguon's Government Public Information Class (PA-304-01)

It also included panel discussions with Judge Francis Tydingco Gatewood, Chief Justice Robert Torres Guam Attorney General Lenny Rapadas, Speaker Judi Won Pat, Vice Speaker BJ Cruz, Senators Tina Muna-Barnes and Aline Yamashita and others.