Janela Carrera

Tuesday, 27 June 2017 18:01

June 28 is War Survivors Remembrance Day

A special dinner concert is scheduled for June 28 at the Sheraton Laguna Resort.
DRT is attempting to collect on $1.7 million in back taxes and $343,000 in penalties.
All donations go to Catholic Social Services.
This latest lawsuit was filed by a man with the initials S.N.J.C.
The victim claims the airport police officer who shot him has a history of discharging his firearm in public.
Msgr. James Benavente will remain as pastor of the St. Anthony Catholic Church.
The former president was seen shaking hands and meeting lucky residents and workers in Tiyan.
Justice Robert Torres' wife, Sen. Mary Torres, may be a party to the case.
Steven Wang was also ordered to pay $1.6 million in restitution to his former H2 workers, $186,000 to the IRS and about $96,000 in the second case.
Benjamin Urquizu still has not received his final paycheck.