Rebecca Elmore

Senator Dennis Rodriguez, Jr., the Chairman of the Committee on Health spoke to the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association yesterday on his upcoming health care plan "Para Todu.”
“It is Women's History Month and we always want to showcase the ones who paved the way for us to come through. So, just by having this symposium and having these key leaders to come and speak shows how far we’ve come as a nation and as an org," shares Senior Chief of USS Frank Cable, Latoya Blaine.  
Joseph Perez Rosario and Peter Perez Rosario were arrested following a search from the Mandana Drug Task Force and GPD SWAT teams.
The search for the missing 18 year old JP Torres student, named Deondra Borja continues.  
Mayor Robert Hoffman said their previous playground was over 35 years old and in desperate need of repair.
"The people are demanding a full accounting on what happened in the YTK Corp v. Port Authority of Guam since the contract in question involves publicly owned assets and the potential payment will be with public monies," says the lawmaker. 
Wednesday, 22 March 2017 18:08

Governor vetoes bill to roll back pay raises

The Governor addresses his chief concerns with both bills. 
Michael Torres, the Manager from Oka Towers is now asking the public to be on the lookout for Craigslist scams offering "too good to be true" rental listings. 
Four thieves wearing masks and dark clothing broke into an Agana Heights home, terrorizing an adult female resident and her child. 
"So, when I say to the people of Guam that I'm analyzing the very difficult constitutional-territorial questions it’s not just because we're going back to the 9th circuit, it's because we're going potentially to the Supreme Court" - Att. Gen Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson.